• Image of 'Untitled 33' in Antique Bubble Glass Frame
  • Image of 'Untitled 33' in Antique Bubble Glass Frame

Size: 9.5" H x 15.5" W x 1.5"
Frame: Victorian, metal, black, convex glass

Untitled 33 is part of the ongoing Veneration of Light collection which encompasses works of neovictoriana still life. Veneration of Light was inspired by the artist's own contemplation on the temporality of life through observation of its ephemera, focusing on botany, taxidermy, entomology, oddities and antiques.

Heather Allison's work has been featured internationally, and utilizes items from some of the world's most prestigious natural history and interior decor boutiques such as Paxton Gate, San Francisco, The Bone Room, Berkeley and Absinthe Taxidermy. Her own home is a salon of wonders filled with oddities from her travels and her relationships with adventurers, fellow collectors and artists from around the globe.

Mounted in an antique frame, this piece is one of kind and will not be printed or framed in the same way again.

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