Cabinet of Curiosities and Veneration of Light are ongoing projects that encompass works of neovictoriana still life. The series was inspired by the artist's own contemplation on the temporality of life through observation of its ephemera, focusing on botany, taxidermy, entomology, oddities and antiques.

The collections confront nature’s cycle of life, death, and rebirth through still life photographs of exotic and domestic ephemera. In an attempt to find meaning in loss, the artist explores compositions reminiscent of the vanitas style Dutch masters of the seventeenth century.

Pensively lit images are meant to encourage contemplation on the transience of life, while finding beauty in decay. Using taxidermy, flowers, bones, remnants of natural specimens, and oddities, the work dances the line between the macabre and the sublime.

All images are untitled to allow the viewer their own introspection and personal understanding of the compositions. Through still life photographs, the artist aims to reconcile the exquisite luxuries of earthly life with the looming inevitability of our quietus.